Third Party Reviews

Raymond Castro | December 14, 2018 |

"Great customer service! Marilyn and Araceli were Awesome! They did a great job with our hair! The place was great, the shampoo, the service, the massage, the entire experience was GREAT! We're definitely customers for life!"

Amos Baldwin | December 08, 2018 |

"Very nice elderly women, nice place, but they cannot do a fade. This is a place marketed towards sports fans which are primarily young and would want barbers that can fade correctly. This is not the place if that’s what you’re looking for."

Conrad Vazquez | November 21, 2018 |

"Nice friendly team."

Veronica Sosa | June 28, 2018 |

"We love this sport clips! The ladies are all so nice and we never walk out disappointed. Araceli is awesome! My son has crazy cowlicks and she always gives him the most adorable cut. I go for the wash and head massage and occasional trim. Love all their products too. It's my best kept hair secret."

Glowing Souls Entertainment | May 31, 2018 |

"Went here to try to save a hair cut and it ended up being the worst decision!! Don't go here they can't cut a fade!! Wow!!!!"

Jorge Roque | May 07, 2018 |


Erika Mayan | April 02, 2018 |

"Very nice location. The hairstylists could be a bit more friendly though. Brought my six-year-old son to get a haircut and ended up having to restrain him so she could blend he’s hair together. Not child friendly at all. Each time he would flinch she would stop take a big sigh and say we’re not gonna be able to do it like this. I was definitely getting frustrated I would’ve gotten up and left if it wasn’t for the fact that my sons hair looked like it was stuck in a Weedwhacker. I ended up asking for a spiky hair cut and he came out with a buzz cut. I do not recommend this place at all for children. I don’t know if it would be the same experience for a man but definitely not a place for child."

Alicia S. | July 14, 2016 |

"Took my 9 year old for a haircut at Sport Clips and I have to say that it has been the best haircut experience he's ever had. I usually take him to the local kids haircut spot where service is also excellent however received a flyer from Sport Clips and decided to give it a try. The moment you walk in you're greeted with a smile. Sport clips lives up to its name as the salon resembles a stadium with sports decor throughout the entire establishment. We opted for the MVP cut. (Regularly $23 however it turned out to be free with the mailer I received). My son was taken to the back area of the salon called "the showers" where he was sat in a massaging chair while he got his hair washed and a head massage. He was THRILLED! He was later taken to the stylist where he got his hair cut. The stylist did not disappoint. Even though I took my youngest, this place is for males of all ages. Sport Clips gained a customer! Excellent first impression."

Jordan S. | November 25, 2017 |

"I came here to have my husband and son get their hairs cut. I specifically came here because I had this idea that it was a Sports/mans hair cut place. There were only Latin women cutting hair when I got there. Same like hair cutters or Supercuts. They had the TVs with Sports and the decor was very "locker room" style but that was all. The hair cuts weren't even amazing. I just expected a way better "mans cave" / barber type of place. The price was also a little higher than hair cuttery, for the boys, I think I will stick to the barber shop who do such a great job on guys."

Joe Whittington | September 18, 2017 |

"I asked if I could just get a haircut without having to enter all of my information into the Sport Clip's big brother database at check in? Why do they need my phone number and first and last name? The ladies working there appeared confused that a potential customer expected anonymity. I left."